Dr. Jeffry Stock

Co-Founder & Princeton Professor

Princeton Pedigree

Dr. Jeffry B. Stock, professor of Molecular Biology at Princeton University, has developed several technologies utilized by Epicutis’ line of skincare products.

As a leading expert in signal transduction and global cellular regulation, Dr. Stock has authored over 200 original scientific articles. He is best known for his work on membrane receptor function and signal transduction.

Dr. Stock has also been awarded the following:

Elected Fellow, American Academy of Microbiology

Winner of The Humbolt Prize

Elected Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

Although for most of his career Dr. Stock’s research has focused on the basic biochemistry and molecular biology of cellular regulation; for the past decade, he has been increasingly involved in translational research applied to drug discovery for topical disease and cosmetic ingredient discovery.

In 2003 Dr. Stock and his son, Maxwell, founded Signum Biosciences to develop healthier ingredients for both the pharmaceutical and cosmetic spaces.

Utilizing Dr. Stock’s 40 years of biomedical research experience at Princeton University, Signum created a library of novel ingredients for drug and cosmetic development.

These patented molecules and botanical extracts, combined with the formulation expertise of Masanori Tamura, resulted in the creation of Epicutis.

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